Steven “Fenix” Maes

Steven Dominic Maes Born in Ely, Nevada June 20, 1969

Full IMDB Portfolio here: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1963231/

Education – Bachelor Degree, Media Arts University of New Mexico Attended Silver City High School, In Silver City, New Mexico

Steven is an award-winning graphic designer and audio engineer, and award nominated assistant art director. He has contributed designs to such productions as: The SyFy Channel hit Mini-Series – “The Lost Room” whose prop “objects” designed by Steve have gained an underground cult following and spawned replica designs.

He was also part of the ADG Awards nominated art department team for “The Lost Room”, “Breaking Bad”, “Secrets in the Walls”, and Lifetime Channels “The Bling Ring”, as well as, The Academy Award nominated – “In The Valley of Elah”.